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#01 Plan102% after 1 day

The best offer for those who do not like to risk their money and take everything from his investments. Includes the return of the Deposit.

#02 Plan112% after 4 days

The best solution for those who want to get additional interest on their investments in a short time. Includes the return of the Deposit.

#03 Plan124.5% after 7 days

For people who prefer a perfect balance in their investments. The average percentage of profit and not too short term, will make good money.

#04 Plan140% after 10 days

This plan is designed for people who like to get the most out of their investment and time spent .Includes the return of the Deposit.

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Great news!

During these 3 days we met more than 450 members who invested more than 10 000$ with us. Based on most requests, we add a one-day plan with a profit of 102% ! Thank you for staying with us.

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A bit about us.

Digital Global Trading LTD is ready to point out its advantages and future goals right here for the precious investors! Our Company has started in 2010, and now ready to meet all your investment needs !

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We are open!

Meet Digital Global Trading LTD, your trustful partner for investments! Are you ready to know greatest news ever? Now you, our dear client, can apply your investment strategies faster, easier and in more secure way!

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